Economic Life

Economic Life

Researchers assume that the people that resided in the area of Lepenski Vir are the descendants of the early Europeans who emanated from the Czech Republic, and whose economic life entirely comprised More »

Burial Customs

Burial Customs

Not much has been reconstructed as it pertains to the culture of those who lived in the Lepenski Vir area. However, discoveries point to a complex social system with elaborate burial site More »



The archaeological excavations carried out at Lepenski Vir have led to the discovery of architecture of the people who were once settled in the area. More particularly, seven stages have been discovered More »

Welcome to Lepenski Vir – Know all about us

Welcome to this web page. Here, you will find information about the history of Lepenski Vir and about gambling before any real casinos came into existence. The page is organised into a series of web pages which describe the site as it pertains to the social, economic, spiritual, and architectural practices of the people who occupied it during the Mesolithic and Neolithic periods. It provides an analysis of the possible meaning of the various findings as it relates to the entire life structure of the dwellers.

The location and geography are discussed, providing evidence of prolonged existence. The discussion of the economic life brings together arguments about how the people may have derived their livelihood, and the evidence supports these arguments. Much focus has been given to hunting and gathering, fishing and farming. The evidence related to the spiritual life and some form of religion was found, especially idol worship while the social life focuses on the customs, especially burial rites and rituals inferred from the skeletons excavated. The presence of such rites and rituals are also echoed in the interior section.

The architecture of Lepenski Vir is the most elaborated. It comprises of explanations for the construction of the houses, the spatial planning and distribution, and the exterior and interior finishes. In terms of the construction, the design and shape of the houses are discussed, together with the building materials. The spatial planning and distribution is focused on providing evidence on the place as “the first city of Europe”. Exterior and interior finishes, on the other hand, involve explanation for the installation and their perceived meanings.

As it pertains to gambling, reference was found for the perceived starting point. Its development and factors that made it thrive are also explained. The purpose is to find a reference to a deeper understanding so as to inform involvement.

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